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Credit Alert® is an invaluable service that helps you understand your credit rating and helps protect you against credit fraud and identity theft.


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With Credit Alert®, you’ll receive:

  • Monthly Score

    See your credit score every month. Being aware of changes to your credit score can not only help you better understand your credit, but may also alert you to potential inaccuracies.

  • A Comprehensive Credit Report

    Upon enrollment, you can see a profile of your credit report history as reported by Equifax. You can verify its accuracy-and take measures to help protect your identity.

  • Credit Score

    Upon enrollment, you can see your credit score online and know what creditors see when evaluating whether or not to extend credit to you.

  • Credit Monitoring and Alerts

    We monitor your credit files at Equifax and TransUnion every business day. We'll help you protect your good name and credit by alerting you to suspicious changes the very next business day, so you can act quickly if you suspect fraudulent activity. In Addition, you will receive ID Verification Alerts, which inform you of certain actions taking place within our network of monitored sites and accounts such as requests to validate your identity and new credit or loan applications.

  • Quarterly Credit Updates

    We send you an update each quarter that summarizes changes to your credit file. A valuable credit management tool you can use to help monitor your credit standing regularly.

  • Consumer Fraud Resource Centre

    Valuable support, knowledge, and assistance from our Fraud Specialists ready to help you recover from fraud as a result of identity theft.

  • Credit Education Specialists

    We'll help you understand your credit report and score and explain how information is reported in your credit file.

  • Mobile App

    It’s a quick, secure, convenient way to receive your monitoring alerts, current credit score and other Credit Alert® account benefits. And all it takes to get started is a simple download — available for your iPhone® or Android smartphone.

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